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Yoga to help boost Fertility for IVF, ICSI, and IUI

As far as non-invasive and safe techniques to help improve fertility outcomes go, Yoga is a good addition to help support Fertility. A recently published research paper evaluated for the effects of Yoga on couples undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs).

The results from the study showed a significant decrease is ratings of anxiety, depression, and stress. Stress, in its many forms, pushes blood flow away from the reproductive organs and towards the heart, muscle, brain and vital organs. The reduced blood flow to the reproductive organs may also impact the quality of the uterine lining. Since Yoga was able to demonstrate a reduction in perceived stress levels, it is possible it may be helpful in improving fertility outcomes as well.

In the particular study mentioned above, the researchers observed that Yoga also had beneficial effects on Fertility as well as improved fetal health. The Yoga that was included in the review varied from meditation, asanas (yogic postures), pranayama (yogic breathing), and shavasana (conscious relaxation).

For Patients I see in my private practice, I recommend selecting Yoga Classes which allow for more relaxation rather than a Yoga "work-out" class, something with a strong focus on meditation as well as pranayama and asanas, with a relaxation at the end.

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This article is in no way a replacement for medical advice or medical care, it is advised that anyone concerned about their Health should speak with their Naturopathic Doctor or Primary Care Provider.

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