Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese
Medicine for Fertility 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a well-renowned medical system that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of medical conditions. Infertility, Gynecological Health, & Men’s Health are three categories which can benefit from TCM because of its ability to support the entire body and its systems but also focus its medicinal effects on the individual needs and weaknesses of the body. TCM is frequently used to help improve fertility, balance menstrual cycles, address menopausal symptoms, treat infections (chronic, acute, recurring), balance hormones, treat chronic pain, reduce chronic inflammation and much more.

TCM is very unique because it takes in to account the entire body and its complete function to diagnose a disease, rather than just a few individual symptoms. For example, your digestion, mood, energy, sleep, stress, pain, and body constitution are all important clues that are considered. Along with the main medical symptoms a Naturopathic Doctor is trained to recognize and diagnose, all of these other important factors are also used in careful consideration before making a clinical diagnosis. This is very important because the treatment that is then prescribed will work to not only resolve the main medical symptoms, but also work to improve overall health as well.

TCM offers a variety of Treatment options which are often used in a combination that best suits the Patient. Some of the Treatment options include, but are not limited to:



Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dietary Changes

Lifestyle Changes

Cupping for Muscular Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine natural?

TCM uses Alternative Medical techniques mentioned above (acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary changes, etc.), which are less invasive, gentle in their effect, but can prove effective for various patients.


How does TCM differ from Western Approaches?


A very large differentiating factor are the diagnostic tools used in TCM. Not only are laboratory results (ie. blood tests, ultrasounds, etc.) used, but Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue Diagnosis, and Constitutional Diagnosis are used to give a more holistic picture of what is happening in the body. This helps the Naturopathic Doctor to identify root causes of disease and treat them along with the uncomfortable symptoms that result from the disease.

Can TCM be used if I am already Pregnant?

TCM can be used for patients who are both trying to achieve pregnancy, or are already pregnant, but the treatment must be prescribed and delivered correctly to ensure safety of the patient. There are certain herbs and acupuncture points that cannot be used during Pregnancy or for Women who are presently trying to conceive. 

Can Acupuncture help with IVF success?

Acupuncture for IVF is gaining a lot of recognition from the Scientific Community because of the promising results it has shown to improve the probability of successful pregnancy and live birth in patients concurrently undergoing IVF/ICSI.

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