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Infertility & Reproductive Care

Evidence Based Approaches to Integrative Fertility Treatments in Ottawa, Ontario

Providing integrative & evidence-based treatments for personalized + wholistic fertility treatments

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Virtual Care

All of our Initial Consultations and Follow-up Appointments for Patients in Ontario and Quebec are Available through a Secure Video Platform

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In-Person Appointments

Our Enhanced Safety Protocols Allow us to continue Providing Fertility Acupuncture Appointments for our Patients




Integrative treatment options to help improve oocyte quality and support healthy eggs for natural and assisted treatment cycles. Supporting optimal epigenetic health and oocyte integrity for Low Egg Reserve and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency


Integrative approaches for the treatment of low sperm motility, low sperm concentration, elevated sperm DNA fragmentation rates and more.



Acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutritional therapies and more. Help support normal ovulation, blood sugar regulation, healthy progesterone and hormone production to improve fertility success rates with PCOS


A holistic approach in balancing the hormonal system, reducing inflammation, reducing  oxidative stress, reducing pain and improving fertility with Endometriosis


Further testing and investigative work to help identify commonly overlooked causes. Unexplained infertility is usually the result of minor, but multiple factors. Thorough evaluation of both Partners to determine causative factors


Adjunctive care to help support the treatment of Recurrent Miscarriages, Optimizing the Reproductive Microbiome and utilizing Fertility Acupuncture to support ARTs

free Introduction to Evidence-based dietary guidelines for fertility

Cohort studies following thousands of patients found following evidence-based dietary guidelines was associated with a 27-66% reduction in risk of experiencing infertility

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free additional fertility testing checklist

Want to figure out the cause of your Infertility? Check out our FREE additional fertility testing checklist to help uncover some of the common hidden causes for Infertility

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