Natural Fertility Treatments

Specific Conditions Treated

Treatment options available for PCOS (polycystic ovaries), Endometriosis, Low Egg Quality, & Unexplained Infertility

Bio-identical Hormone Therapies

Natural Hormone Replacement for Menopause and Fertility

Bio-identical Hormone treatments available for estrogen and progesterone prescriptions.

Menopause & Women’s Health

Alternative Treatment Options

Providing evidence based solutions to treat symptoms of menopause and reduce the need for hormone therapies.

Male Fertility Solutions

Optimizing Male Health

Supportive therapies to treat low sperm counts, improve sperm motility, and improve chances of conception.

It is my passion to serve you, my privilege to care for you, and my profession to help you.
~ Dr. H. Singh, ND


Botanical Medicine for Fertility

Botanical Medicine used in an evidence based approach can help provide an innovate approach to treating hormone imbalance and improving fertility.
Our treatment plan is specific for you and your case. Treatments are strategically designed target specific hormones and conditions.

Natural Fertility

Helpful in the treatment of infertility for couples who prefer to try and conceive naturally.

Targeted and Personalized Treatment

Your treatment plan is specific for you and your case. Treatments are strategically designed to address whole body disorders while also targeting specific hormones and conditions.


Fertility Acupuncture

Ancient techniques guided by current scientific research and protocols to provide up-to-date care for fertility.

IVF and ART Support

We utilize the newest protocols available that have been associated with an improvement in success rates.

Natural Cycles

Helpful for hormone balance, improved blood flow, healthy uterine lining, and reduce stress


Nutritional Supplementation for Fertility

Expert advice on supporting the body’s natural mechanisms to support fertility using therapeutic prescriptions for nutritional supplements.

Oocyte Quality

The use of nutritional supplements and micronutrients may be able to help improve egg quality for natural cycle and IVF in Women above the age of 35.

Sperm Quality and Men’s Health

Nutritional supplementation to help improve sperm quality and support IVF and natural conception.


Hormone Therapies

Dr. Singh, ND has prescription rights for prescribing Bio-identical Hormone Therapies (BHRT). The use of Natural Hormone Therapies can be used to help support healthy hormone levels and early pregnancy.

Pregnancy Support

The use of specific hormones during early pregnancy can help support 1st trimester and help to prevent miscarriages.

Thyroid Care

Thyroid prescriptions play a crucial part in supporting fertility. The testing for thyroid panels and prescribed treatments is available for patients trying to conceive.


Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations for Fertility

Dietary and lifestyle changes are an important method to stimulate health and fertility.

Dietary Strategies

Dietary and optimizing nutrition is a mainstay of supporting the mind and body to tackle multiple health issues, including hormone imbalance, infertility, and energy.

Lifestyle Advice

Making change is hard. Knowing which choices to help improve our lifestyle can be confusing. Receive evidence-based support to make the changes that have the biggest impact on your path to fertility.


IV Therapy for Fertility

Intravenous Vitamin Infusions can improve male and female fertility.

Fertility Drips

IV therapy provides high-doses of powerful antioxidants and vital amino acids for fertility

Additional IVs

Also beneficial for heart health, improving energy, brain health, and much more.

Lab Work

Lab results are ordered or copies obtained from your fertility clinic.


Prescribed therapies have interaction checks to ensure safety with medications.

Know Precautions

Pertinent information for therapies provided before starting treatment.

Reciprocal IVF

Treatments support outcomes and health for couples undergoing reciprocal IVF.

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Test Packages

Prenatal Tests

Hormone Panels Sperm Analysis Nutrient Levels Anemia Diabetes

Detailed Hormone Analysis

Detailed Thyroid Test Salivary Hormones DUTCH Analysis Salivary Cortisol

Environmental Factors

Heavy Metal Screening Food Sensitivity Testing Liver and Kidney Function

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