In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Adjunctive Naturopathic Care

Does Naturopathic Medicine help with Fertility?

Naturopathic medicine to help support infertility treatments in Ottawa, ON Canada are available to help maximize health and provide evidence based approaches to supporting positive treatment outcomes.

Treatments are designed to work in conjunction with fertility medications and procedures, so as not to reduce their effectiveness. Depending on the cause of the infertility, there are different approaches to helping support and prepare for the IVF during the prenatal phase, however, there are some well studied approaches to improving fertility outcomes during the actual IVF process.

First thing you should be checking is your serum Vitamin D levels. Low vitamin d levels have been shown in various studies to decrease the likelihood of success during IVF and also increases the risk of miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy as well. In fact, many fertility doctors are now checking vitamin D levels themselves and prescribing this for patients when the blood tests show a deficiency. Vitamin D also help to improve implantation rates with a transfer.

Secondly, fertility acupuncture, with specific protocols from the latest systematic reviews and meta-analyses show that success rates for IVF can go up by about 1/3. So, for example, if your estimated IVF success rate is about 40%, it should go up to about 53%, statistically speaking. The actual benefit varies from case-to-case, age, and cause of infertility. It is important to note that the newest protocols are yet to be used by most therapists. It is important to seek care with a trained professional dedicated to just fertility acupuncture to assure that they are staying current with the latest studies and protocols, as older protocols have been shown to be less effective. 

Finally, the use of micronutrients tailored to your specific condition and process are helpful in improving the success rates of IVF. A combination of specific nutrients at recommended doses based on current research may significantly improve the success rate of IVF. These nutrients are available for both males and females. They work by helping to improve egg quality and sperm quality by reducing damage to the DNA as a result of oxidative stress in the body. 

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