Naturopathic Doctors and Naturopathic Medicine in Ottawa

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) in Ottawa, Ontario are a licensed and regulated health care profession. This requirement entails that in order for a Naturopath to register as a Naturopathic Doctor in the province of Ontario, they must be registered with the College of Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario.

All licensed NDs in the province of Ontario must complete their 4-year training at an accredited college for Naturopathic Medicine. In Ontario, the only college is the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, ON. All graduates obtain a Degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy. Naturopathic Doctors, prior to studying Naturopathic Medicine, must obtain a Bachelor of Science that contains specific medical courses as prerequisites. In total, NDs study between 7-8+ years prior to working as a licensed ND and have a lifelong commitment to continuing education, similar to any other healthcare profession.

Dr. Harsimranjeet Singh Bhatia, ND graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in Physical sciences where he studied courses such as human anatomy, human physiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, biological physics, radiation physics, and a lot more. Dr. Singh, ND graduated from the CCNM while completing a specific focus care shift in Toronto developed to help train Interns at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic to treat infertility and provide adjunctive naturopathic medical care to patients undergoing fertility treatments. Singh was one of the first 7 graduates to complete this additional training during his internship.

Dr. H. Singh, ND has completed his additional training and certifications to prescribe reproductive hormone therapies and intravenous vitamin infusion therapies (IVIT) in the province of Ontario. 

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