Diet & Lifestyle for Fertility

With so many options at the grocery store and so many different blogs about various fad diets, it is helpful to see a Naturopath so you can receive evidence-based advice regarding the actual benefits of various foods, superfoods, diets, and lifestyle options. 

Naturopaths will work to help identify the best options for you to support your specific body constitution and needs. If you are already following a specific dietary restriction/lifestyle choice (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten free), a Naturopath can provide nutritional testing for Vitamin and Mineral levels in your body to help identify deficiencies or excesses so that you can supplement your diet accordingly without compromising your dietary lifestyle choice.

Specific testing includes Vitamin B12 levels, Iron levels and storage in the body, Antioxidant status in the blood, Heavy Metals, IgG Food Sensitivity Panels, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Food Sensitivities?

Food Sensitivities are different from Food Allergies. Food allergies are a Type 1 IgE Immune response and Food Sensitivities are a Type 3 IgG Immune response. These two immune reactions are very different.

How are Food Allergies different from Food Sensitivities?

Food Allergies usually present with an immediate response, which can be fatal. Examples of this are anaphylaxis, swelling of the lips, mouth, and skin irritation. Food Sensitivities can have delayed responses because Type 3 IgG reactions occur in the blood and the immune deposits occur in various parts of the body (i.e. joints). Patients with chronic diseases may find improvement if the food sensitivities are identified and removed from their diet. The types of Immune Reactions from Food Sensitivities can be immense, as everyone may react differently to different foods. Some may have chronic mucus production and cough, some may have chronic pain, altered vaginal fluid pH, and some may have swelling and fluid retention. It is possible for food sensitivities to affect mood, digestive health, and fertility.

How are Food Sensitivities Identified?

There are two options. A blood test can be done and tested for reactivity to various foods (this is known as Food Sensitivity Testing) and the second option is an elimination diet. Each option has its fall backs, the best way to identify Food Sensitivities is a combination of both options.

Where can I get the Food Sensitivities Tested?

Your Naturopathic Doctor can perform the lab testing for Food Sensitivities for you.

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