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Improving PCOS-Infertility Reproductive Outcomes with Probiotics + Prebiotics

Treatment of Polycystic ovarian syndrome can be complex due to the multiple factors that can worsen PCOS-related infertility. For example, successful management of PCOS includes lowering elevated androgen levels, reducing inflammation, reducing insulin resistance, supporting total antioxidant capacity, screening for comorbidities (that PCOS Patients are at risk of having), supporting the health of the gut and reproductive microbiomes.

A newly published trial evaluated for the effect of probiotics + prebiotics in the treatment of PCOS during medicated ovulation-induction cycles. In a double blind randomized clinical trial, Patients that received the combination of probiotics and prebiotics had a 10% higher clinical pregnancy rate when compared to the control group.

While this study was small, and larger studies are needed to validate these findings, it is adding to a significantly strong body of research establishing a link between the gut microbiome and reproductive conditions, including PCOS.

So far, we have seen research suggest how management of the gut microbiome may help to regulate insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control, inflammation, auto-immunity, mood and much more.

While this study looked at simple probiotics and prebiotics, it is important to speak with a licensed healthcare provider regarding support for the gut microbiome, as it extends well beyond probiotics.


  1. Azizi-Kutenaee, M., Heidari, S., Taghavi, S.-A., & Bazarganipour, F. (2022). Probiotic effects on sexual function in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: A double blinded randomized controlled trial. BMC Women's Health, 22(1).

This article is being shared as educational content and is in no way a replacement for medical advice or medical care, it is advised that anyone concerned about their Health should speak with their Naturopathic Doctor. Please discuss with your healthcare provider and only make changes to your medications regimen if recommended by your doctor and under their guidance and supervision.

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