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One Simple Vitamin Shown to Increase Sperm Quality

When we assess for Sperm health, there are various parameters we want to take in to consideration: sperm concentration, motility, morphology, viscosity, liquefaction, volume and oxidative stress. One of the common issues with sperm quality we see in Practice is low sperm motility. While there are many causes for this, such as, varicocele, poor lifestyle, poor nutrition, increased heat and oxidative stress, one emerging cause for low sperm motility it low vitamin D levels. Multiple studies have observed that correcting Vitamin D deficiency can help improve sperm motility for numerous Patients.

It has been observed that Vitamin D and calcium have an important role in the normal functioning of sperm cells. The positive calcium ion influx in to the cell provides a change in electrical charge which can help drive the sperm cell forward (improve motility). This same mechanism can affect capacitation and the acrosome reaction during fertilization.

While studies failed to determine if the increase in Vitamin D levels can actually help increase pregnancy rates, this is an important step in uncovering potential causes of low sperm motility in Patients otherwise told that the reason for their sperm-factor infertility is just unexplained.


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