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  • Harsimranjeet Singh

3 Reasons for every Woman to have Ginger Tea - Menstrual Health & Pain Relief

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Herbal Medicine is very unique in that a single herb can serve multiple purposes. While Ginger can be useful for many things, in the realm of reproductive health, the following three are the most common indications for which I have recommended Ginger (in conjunction with other remedies).

  1. Menstrual Cramps: Ginger has an antispasmodic effect that can be very helpful to decrease the intensity of painful spasms that can start as early as 10 days prior to the onset of menses for some Women

  2. Painful Menstruation: I put this in a separate category from Menstrual Cramps because pain during menses can also be from inflammation (increased pain-causing prostaglandin production - PGF2) or from blood stasis in the uterus. Ginger is great for painful menstruation from either cause because it is anti-inflammatory and a circulatory stimulant. It will help reduce the PGF2 production and move blood, with an end result of reducing menstrual-related pain.

  3. Morning Sickness: Helpful for Nausea in general, but more specifically it can help provide a lot of relief for Pregnant Women experiencing Morning Sickness.

This article is in no way a replacement for medical advice or medical care, it is advised that anyone concerned about their Reproductive Health should speak with their Family Physician and/or Naturopathic Doctor.

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